Cards against humanity Australia


Party Game

Cards Against Humanity is a board game and party game for horrible people and people without limitation. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card that he can pick from 3 options, and everyone else in the game can answers with their funniest white card. 550 total cards: 460 white and 90 black. This is the main game, classic game. Buy this first. Contains zero references to U.S. President Donald Trump. Wouldn't it be nice to laugh again?

They are now new Card against humanity Australia box options with different colors and topics. New boxes are green for more philosophy and fun facts, red that is more political and rough, blue that is more social topic such as food. Most the box expansions are available on the net such as Games Paradise and ToysHub.

cards against humanity australia

You can always check our partner review website for toys and games and read more about cards against humanity game. You can find more reviews and articles on Industry News. The game was rewarded many time for past 3 years in many countries. The first year the game went out, the game manufacturer wasn't able to supply enough game to meet the demand, it happened that some gameshow the company stand didn't have any stock to sell but rather they will sell pre-order games, an outstanding performance that bring this board game as one of the top 5 2016 board games in Australia, US and Canada.

Affiliate Marketing with Magento 2

Magento 2 like Magento 1, allows you to include dynamic links based on the product name. This is very usefull when for professional affiliate marketer who work with large websites such as eBay or Amazon. It allow the online marketer to  upload many products without worrying about the link to use. API made by eBay allow you to track any links without adding a standard source/ medium= coding in your link. This can be seen on ToysHub in the Beanie Boos section.

Contact our team

Our team can provide ongoing support with web development on Magento 1 and 2. We additionally provide new services on Website speed optimization. You can check our blog on Open source coding.

Shopify – flate rate shipping

In October , we have been approached to edit Exo Shopify store and to work out the logistic for the online shop. After few tests, we find out that the best way to to calculate the shipping will be per cube meter rather than weight. However our aim is to use a flat rate rather than a table price, as it is more easy for the customers to understand the shipping cost involved in purchasing bonzai driftwood for sale. On the top of it, the cube meter solution is more difficult to use on Shopify than other platform.

Magento Attributes customisation

Recently, we had to work on a project given by our local partner to create custom automation data base based on eBay API. Our development team worked on creating 3 scripts to match our 3 attributes set and fill automatically SQL database. The link on Paw Patrol Patroller is generated from 2 scripts, one from eBay API and our custom made script to find available stock.

Cost of owning a Magento website

There are 2 approaches of Magento website expenses. The first one is related to develop a website and the second one is the cost of maintenance.

  1. The cost of developing  Magento website start from $900 to $60,000. Magento doesnt allow you to add easily plugins and custom theme. There are few theme that have some good editorials tools but overall you will probably need a programmer to customise your website. As an example, the cost of developing Little Live Pets & Zanussi websites for DMS was $4,200.
  2. The cost of maintenance is mixed on Magento. Cost is lower than Drupal but way higher than WordPress. You can estimate from $3,000 to $30,000 to maintain and keep developing a good Magento website. A new landing page like Unox can be easily $500 for the content, layout and coding.

Cost of running a WordPress website

There are 2 approaches of website expenses. The first one is related to develop a website and the second one is the cost of maintenance.

  1. The cost of development start from $400 to $10,000. WordPress allow you to develop basic blogs to more advanced e commerces. As an example, the cost of developing an Adwords Sydney website for DMS was $1,200.
  2. The cost of maintenance is reduced. As an example, you can add pages and articles without coders. You will need need someone t help you for all custom tasks. As an example for cost of maintening a blog like Encyclopedia project is nearly $30 per year for the domain name and hosting while a ecommerce like driftwood for aquarium will cost $2,500 for web developer and graphic design expenses.

Magento internal structure

There is different way to build youl internal link structure such as blog and homepage links. Magento give you a second option to build categories and subcategories content by adding a static block under Custom design > Custom layout update

Add the following code:

<reference name="content">
  <block type="cms/block" name="cooking2" after="-">
    <action method="setBlockId"><id>cooking2</id></action>

It will display you new block under you subcategories and will give you space for your internal link structure. See ex: Zombicide & Magic Cards categories. For some themes, this option is not working properly such as on iconista website where we need a proper coder to custom the layout.

Landing pages on Worpdress: How does it work?

Content for landing page

We recently had a project for Jazz dance classes for CDA Academy. They want to explain more in depth their Jazz dance classes including the nature, price & objectives.

To prepare a new landing page you have to:

  1. Prepare the content
  2. Have it read by a copywriter
  3. Prepare the layout
  4. Add and save the new page
  5. Add the page in your navigation menu. Appearance > Menu > Add new page > Sydney dance classes (select your page).

Trade websites designed on WordPress

Plumber website

Some of the new plumber websites seems to have more and more promotion. With our new design, we decided to focus on both SEO and conversion rate. The market is quite busy and it can be hard to keep up with the demand. A plumber Sydney is a good example of onsite promotion and conversion.

Cash for cars website

We add a suburbs section to the new website for cash for cars Sydney and cash for junk car that we allow potential customers to find more easily our client website. Some suburbs such as Parramatta and Liverpool is a must for Local SEO.

Category page design on Magento

Anchor filters

Like most of eCommerce, you might have a lot of products on your website and this is the main reason why you need anchor filters that will allow your customers to review only products they are interested in.

Number of products per page

We recommend from 15 to 24 products per page because less than 15 will force your customers to click all the time on next page and over 24 products might slow down your page speed.

SEO optimised

Unlike 2014, more and more e Commerce doesnt include content in category page, even through it might affect the navigation. In their latest report, SEO Lotus show how SEO can't be avoided today. You can check one great example on Petra beer glasses category page.